We orchestrate your ground segment

We can help you reduce the cost of spacecraft operations and maximise the value of your space assets


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Digital Transformation

CelesHub is an orchestration platform designed specifically for the ground segment of space missions. By coordinating data flows and automating processes, it helps spacecraft operators eliminate tedious manual tasks, reduce the complexity of their ground segment infrastructure and increase the value of their data.

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Event Logging

CelesLog improves traceability in the ground segment by keeping track of all events and activities. It bridges the gap between manually reported events and messages produced by ground segment systems. CelesLog significantly reduces the time to determine the source and the context of incidents and anomalies.

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Operations Planning

CelesPlan assists operators in creating, optimising, validating and following a schedule. It simplifies the routine planning process thanks to powerful templates and built-in constraint solver.

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Process Automation

We can help you reduce your workload and operational costs. Together with you, we analyse your current workflow, deconstruct your process map, expose improvement potential, discuss technical approaches and implement automation solutions.

Software Consultancy

We provide consultancy either as a stand-alone service or as the first stage of a development project. We can help you understand and gather your business requirements, review and validate existing solutions and optimise your software strategy.

Software Development

We can help you design, develop and maintain intuitive and highly functional applications. We draw on our experience and expertise to leverage state-of-the-art technologies, while guaranteeing a long life cycle.